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Make your own midsummer wreath

Materials: Flowers and greenery – Floral shears or scissors – Thin wire or string

Start by finding your flowers and greenery! In Sweden, we have flowers called “midsommarblomster” which are the wildflowers blooming all across the country during the time of midsummer. One of them is featured in our wreath, prästkragar (the common daisy). The legend has it that if a girl living on the country side picked 7 flowers on Midsummer’s Eve, each flower from a different pasture, and slept with the flowers under her pillow, she’d meet the man she’d fall in love with!

Divide your materials up! Divide the flowers into mini-bouquets, 3-5 flowers each. To create a sturdier wreath, keep the flower stems long. Make about 6-18 similar or different bouquets, depending on preference. Bunch together a few stems of greenery to make 6-8 bunches. You want a full but not too full wreath. Think the Swedish word “lagom”; you want the fullness to be “just right”.

Start assembling the wreath! Take a bunch of greenery, tying them together with your wire. Add your first bouquet, also tying them to the greenery with your wire.

Keep it up! Keep that process going, adding more greenery, then flowers, greenery, then flowers. Alternatively, start by creating your base wreath of greenery. Then, fasten the flowers evenly spaced throughout the closed wreath.

Know when to stop! Eventually, you’ll have a long wreath ready to fold. Try the wreath before you close it to make sure it’s the right size.

Finishing touches! Add additional flowers as desired. You can just stick in additional stems here and there as you prefer.

If you want to make the flower wreath the day before you can carefully shower it, put it in a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator overnight.

To make it hold throughout the whole day you can spray it with water a few times during the day.

Please take a photo with the finished result and share it with #sweanewyork

Happy Midsummer and good luck!