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Stipendiater 2017

SWEA New York Scholarship Report 2017

The SWEA New York Chapter Scholarship Committee received 11 applications for the 2017 Mona Johnsson scholarship. One recipient was awarded the SWEA New York Mona Johnsson Scholarship 2017.

SWEA New York Mona Johnsson Scholarship 2017, in the amount of $3,000.00, was awarded to The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater for the production of a children’s show “The Story of Beppo the Clown” written by Else Fisher Bergman.

Beppo the Clown, was written by Else as a dance pantomime, and was directed by Ingmar Bergman. Born in 1918, this year marks the hundred-year jubilee celebration of the Swedish legend, Ingmar Bergman. The purpose of this initiative is to represent and showcase the work of Else and Ingmar Bergman, whose work is strongly embedded in Swedish culture, society and tradition.

Priset mottogs av Cinna Vesterlund, svensk representant för marionett teatern.

Iris Voltaire
Chair, SWEA New York Scholarship Committee

Committee members: Yvonne Ericson-Dryden, Ulrica Fredsvik-Konvalin, Iris Voltaire & Helen Teike